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Emerald City was founded in 2017 by grower and designer Lola Walker.


Born and raised in Wellington and fresh back from 7 years in Melbourne, I found myself living in small town New Zealand. Cue huge culture shock!

I was 6 months pregnant with my second daughter at the time and her birth turned my life upside down...she was unexpectedly born with multiple rare genetic disorders and the next 3 years were a blur of surgeries, procedures, appointments and many, many sleepless nights...feeling completely overwhelmed, I turned to nature as therapy and haven't looked back. There's a really great word that sums it up perfectly...


Its the healing power of Mother Nature, and the main driving force behind Emerald City...spreading love and good vibes out into the world one stem at a time. 

My professional background is in Hairdressing, however the last few years have seen a steady metamorphosis from scissors to secateurs-combining my love of the Plantae kingdom with my creative nature. It is a huge thrill to use flowers in my designs that I've grown...these are some seriously pampered petals!


I take an earth-friendly approach with all that I do, for me that means working foam-free and sustainably. From the growing to the packaging, its all done with our environment in mind and making it a more beautiful place for us, our children and their children after that.

Growing flowers brings me SO much joy and teaches me so many things, but especially to appreciate the present moment-super important in todays busy world. I am beyond grateful to be living out my floral dreams, doing something I truly love, and putting smiles on dials. 

Throughout my flowering career I have dabbled in a bit of everything, 2022 and beyond sees Emerald City specialising in and growing exclusively for our wedding floral service, Luxetta. I have always believed that love needs to celebrated and the last few years have certainly reminded us of how special gathering in person is...I love being able to help make these special occasions memorable and beautiful for you and your loved ones!

If you aren't getting married but have a special event or a custom order, I'm always up for "outside the vase" projects or any other fun floral initiatives,

I would love to hear from you!

Florally yours,

Lola x


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